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InnoLab celebrates the first anniversary


A year ago, InnoLab was opened in the St. Petersburg office of DT IT Solutions - it is a workshop for colleagues who are keen on robotics and IoT. We are congratulating InnoLab on their first birthday and summing up the results of their first year.

One of the first projects of InnoLab was Smart Office. Guys planned to create a system of IoT devices that will make office more comfortable and convenient for employees. No sooner said than done! Smart Office now has a people counter (video and touch version), Smile Detector, retro gaming console based on Raspberry Pi, air quality control system, and Smart Assistant, the assistant that leads the entire Smart ecosystem Office. The smart assistant controls automatic curtains, lights, regulates the air temperature and responds to voice commands. If you say “I'm cold” or “It's kinda dark here,” he will take the hint and adjust the temperature or lighting in the room for you.

Robocar Race in virtual space

The second project that InnoLab guys are doing is Robocar Race. Each racing car is assembled from original parts assembled on a 3D printer, equipped with computer vision and artificial intelligence.

At AI Day at the end of January, the first large-scale race was held: the participants assembled a track right in the Big Conference Hall and organized a competition. Now, like all activities, Robocar Race has gone online. The first virtual race on the simulator took place on Innovation Day, and on October 24 we are expecting the next one! Participants will create their own autopilot and during the races will compete with the rival pilot.

This is how Logistic Case device looks like

This year, colleagues have launched another project - Logistics Case. The Arduino Pro Mini-based device is capable of analyzing the condition of the cargo and providing storage and transportation history to the warehouse operator.

For example, your heat-loving cargo - let it be plants - went from St. Petersburg to Voronezh. On the way, he was notably shaken, but, most importantly, the thermostat in the truck broke down, and half of the way our plants were shaking not only from bumps, but also from the cold. The Logistics Case, which all this time was with our cargo, will tell the recipient the history of the trip and immediately warn what to expect after opening the package.

In February Kirill Bushuev, one of the founders of InnoLab, went to Voronezh at InnoParty to tell his colleagues about the workshop, and immediately found like-minded people among them. The guys already wanted to open InnoLab in the Voronezh's office, but because of the lockdown that had come, the launch had to be postponed for now.

By the way, when self-isolation began, InnoLab didn't stop its work and moved to the house of each of the colleagues. Kirill took spare parts from the workshop and brought them to everyone's house.

Now InnoLab continues to work in home office mode and is working on the Logistics Case project. But colleagues hope to get together as soon as possible and start integrating Smart Office into the ecosystem of the business center, so that by the time most of the employees return to the office, the smart assistant is already working.

InnoLab started with two people who not only caught the idea and brought it to life, but also continue to kindle the fire in their colleagues. Now about 30 people from St. Petersburg and Voronezh are participating in InnoLab projects.