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We are looking for those willing to promote and champion, technological innovation, turn ideas into high-quality products and services, and look at the world from a new angle and think bigger. We are looking for team players with courageous integrity willing to take risk and change people's lives for the better.


Because we are constantly improving motivation programs, listening to requests, taking into account the interests of employees

Competitive salary

So that you can fully focus on solving professional problems, we support you with attractive compensation and a good salary.

Flexible schedule

We offer flexible working hours and the ability to choose the beginning and end of the working day at your discretion. Of course, it depends on the specific project, but we strive to ensure that you can maintain a work-life balance.

Medical insurance

Each employee is issued DMS (Voluntary Health Insurance) from the first working day. VHI includes dentistry among many other services. Once a week, a general practitioner comes to our office. Also, company pays 100% sick leave compensation up to 3 weeks a year.

Relocation bonus

The company provides a relocation bonus to candidates moving to Voronezh or St. Petersburg.

Training and development system

Career development is an important component of the company’s DNA, so we try to create the necessary conditions for the comprehensive development of our specialists. We provide our employees with ample opportunities for professional development: in-house and external trainings, soft skills development, learning foreign languages. Employees can use our online platform, which is updated regularly with new content (courses, certification programs) and is available 24/7.

Strong corporate culture and values

We are driven by innovation and inspired by a team spirit based on the exchange of ideas: our corporate culture is characterized by working together for the digital future. Using the best tools and technologies, we create unique solutions for our clients and offer our employees opportunities for personal growth. Our expectations are high and we offer the chance to shape the future with us. Our corporate principles describe how we manage to translate our ideas into reality.

Interesting projects

We have over 150 projects in Russia. We work with customers from various fields, such as telecommunications or the automotive industry. We create useful and relevant products for millions of people around the world.

Business trips to Europe

We have distributed teams, and our employees travel on business trips to Europe, in particular, to Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Slovakia. During these business trips, we collaborate with our European colleagues, share best practices across the regions, and discuss new opportunities.

Rest area in the office

In every office, we have kitchens equipped with everything you need to dine in the office with colleagues. We always have coffee and tea. On holidays, we treat our employees with sweets and fruits. In the recreation areas we have board games and Xbox as well as table tennis and kicker tables.

Friendly team

In our free time, we do sports together, go to museums, ride bicycles. We regularly hold memorable corporate events both in-person and online: master classes, quizzes, cyber tournaments and even online home parties.

Corporate events

We combine personal life and work in our corporate culture. We host a large number of interesting events throughout the year. On holidays, we arrange quests, get together to congratulate colleagues, decorate the office, and organize memorable giveaways .


We do sports - we play volleyball, badminton, football, hockey, and we go running together. In the office we have table tennis and kicker, and our employees can ride bicycles to the office . We also don't forget about online events - we hold cyber tournaments and support the community of virtual athletes.

Social responsibility

Our company collaborates with a number of charitable foundations in St. Petersburg and Voronezh, and helps facilitate necessary donations and collections from various charitable events. In addition, we participate in charity marathons, collect things for people in need, and several times a year we hold a donor day.

T-Kickbox corporate startup accelerator

T-Kickbox is an in-house innovator training program powered by Adobe Kickbox. Any employee of the company can go through 6 steps to test an idea and prepare it for a pitch. During the program employees can use company resources and work with experienced trackers.


Ksenia Antonova

Ksenia Antonova

Agile Coach

I am proud of my colleagues. I often meet very passionate, caring and truly inspiring people. And I know that if I have a new idea or need help in our company, my colleagues will help and support me. Through the time I’ve been working for the company, I think magenta is already getting into the DNA.

Iurii Sintiaev

Iurii Sintiaev

TTL Delivery Tribe Head

Our company always sees people behind technology, and it is important not only to achieve a good result from team work, but also to have an efficient working process, your personal progress and your work-life balance.

Evgeny Kalabin

Evgeny Kalabin

SAFe Program Consultant

During the time working in our company, I have expanded my horizons not only in my native technical field, but also in the human area, related to people and project management. Now I am actively developing in the role of a manager as well as couch and consultant.

Svetlana Bolsunovskaia

Svetlana Bolsunovskaia

Scrum Master

I am constantly developing and learning. My colleague and I launched an internal school for Scrum Masters. I organize internal and external meetups, conferences, and experience- sharing.

Andrey Bulov

Andrey Bulov

Program Manager

We share a passion for writing code and digitalizing ideas.

Sergey Lukin

Sergey Lukin

Chief Architect

I am proud of my team; it can solve any problem in the field of IT. Sometimes this is achieved by perseverance and well-coordinated work, but more often – by innovative approaches and modern technologies.

Kirill Bushuev

Kirill Bushuev

Data Scientist

I have been working in the company for almost 2 years, and I have grown both as a professional and as a person, although I still have perspectives to grow. But the most important thing is that you can always find new friends in our company and have great time.

Daniil Shulgin

Daniil Shulgin

Head of Delivery Unit

Every day we learn something new with our colleagues, exchange knowledge and motivate each other. This is an integral part of our corporate culture. You can’t stop developing here.

German Vargin

German Vargin

Project Manager Functional Integration Test

I have been working here for almost 8 years and I meet wonderful colleagues every day.


Internal trainings

Experienced Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions staff deliver technical courses and share professional expertise in in-house seminars and workshops.

Conferences and communities

Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions employees participate in relevant industry-related conferences throughout Russia.We also hold regular meetupts for professional communities both in the office and via online conferences.

Online learning

Employees attend specialized courses and trainings in various areas: programming, testing, project management, and can also use an online training platform with courses and certification preparation programs on various topics.

Certification programs

To give our employees additional career opportunities, as well as highlight their subject matter expertise, Deutsche Telekom IT Solutions offers certifications in various fields: ISTQB, ITIL, SAP, Oracle Certification and others.

Development of Soft skills

Employees regularly participate in soft skills trainings. These trainings focus on motivation, leadership, management, teamwork, time management, presentations, and personal development.

Learning foreign languages

In addition to specialized technical training, the company provides the opportunity to learn foreign languages ​​(English and German), both in person and online.

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